Automated mandate management

FinDock incorporates automated mandate management. This means that if a payment method/processor combination requires you to provide a mandate, FinDock automatically creates or selects a mandate to use.

With the installation of a source connector, the source objects get a field called Mandate. This is a lookup to the Mandate object in FinDock and serves as a reference to the mandate to be used in all transactions coming from this source.

Usually, the mandate can be created automatically and as such doesn't require any interaction from FinDock users. Because of this, the field is usually not marked as required. Should automatic creation be prohibited by the processor or is not possible due to other constraints, FinDock users are presented with an error if they try to save a record without a valid mandate attached.

Mandate selection or creation

Upon saving the source object record, FinDock checks if a mandate is required, and if so, it checks if it is allowed to reuse an already existing mandate for the indicated payment profile.

Mandate flow

The mandate is linked to the payment profile, Payment Method, Processor and target, and as such this process is invoked every time one of these fields is changed.