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Bacs reports actions and follow-up

If at any time, an error occurs during the automated processing of a report record the record will be marked with the "Error" status. If data is missing, the record will be set to "Manual" for user review.

AUDDIS report#

The AUDDIS report contains information regarding new DDI registrations or DDI cancellations. These reason codes can appear at any time. Most of these mean the DDI has become invalid.

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
2Payer deceasedYou have attempted to set up a DDI on the account of someone who is deceased. Extremely rare.Cancel DDI
3Account transferredYou have attempted to set up a DDI on a customer's old bank details. You will need to submit a new DDI using their new details.Cancel DDI
5No accountThe account number your payer used doesn't match any bank accounts at the branch identified by their sort code.Cancel DDI Deactivate Payment Profile
BAccount closedYou tried to set up a DDI on a closed account.Cancel DDI
CAccount transferredLike 3, but with new account details provided, so you can update your DDI. No need to resubmit.None, Process Manually
LIncorrect payer's account detailsThe sort code and account number your customer provided failed a publicly available "modulus check" to test if they could possibly be valid. You can perform these checks yourself before submitting to Bacs.Deactivate Payment Profile Cancel DDI

Technical errors in DDI submission#

When these codes are received please contact FinDock support at

CodeBacs ReasonDetails
7DDI amount not zeroThe "amount" on any DDI submission should be zero, as all DDIs are for an unlimited amount.
IPayer reference is not uniqueThe reference field on the DDI you submitted was already being used for another DDI you have with this customer.
MTransaction code / user status incompatibleOnly an issue when converting from standing orders to Direct Debits.
OInvalid referenceThe reference field on the DDI didn't comply with AUDDIS rules, e.g., because it used special characters.
PPayer's name not presentYou didn't include a name for the payer on the DDI.
QService user's name blankYou didn't include your business name on the DDI.

Direct Debit Instructions cannot be set up on the requested account#

The following codes indicate the provided account details cannot be used for Direct Debit. This always means the DDI is invalid, however, the Payment Profile might still be valid, just not a viable account for Direct Debits.

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
FInvalid account typeThe account belongs to a type of accounts which can't have DDIs set up on them. For example, some savings accounts do not allow Direct Debits.Cancel DDI
GBank will not accept Direct Debits on accountDirect Debits are disabled for this specific account, for example because the customer has requested this from their bank.Cancel DDI
NTransaction disallowed at payers’ branchDirect Debits can't be collected from this sort code. For example, this sort code may be reserved for savings accounts.Cancel DDI

Errors when cancelling a DDI#

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
1Instruction cancelled by payerUsually received when cancelling a DDI that has already been cancelled. Exceptionally, may be sent when the customer cancels their DDI shortly after setup, and the bank incorrectly sends an AUDDIS message instead of an ADDACS message.None
6No instructionThere was no Direct Debit Instruction to cancel matching the details you submitted.None
HInstruction has expiredThe Direct Debit Instruction you requested to cancel had already expired.None
KInstruction cancelled by paying bankSimilar to 1, but the original cancellation was triggered by the paying bank.None

ADDACS report#

The ADDACS report contains amendments and cancellations for Direct Debit Instructions. ADDACS messages are triggers by customers and cannot be avoided.

DDI cancellations#

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
0Instruction cancelled - refer to payerCatch-all for cancelled instructions.Cancel DDI
1Instruction cancelled by payerYour customer's bank cancelled their DDI at their request.Cancel DDI
2Payer deceasedCancel DDI Cancel outstanding Installments
BAccount closedYour customer closed their bank account, which has cancelled your DDI with them.Cancel DDI
DAdvance notice disputedYour customer has notified their bank that they dispute the amount of notice specified on their DDI. Further payments should not be collected until the dispute is resolved.Put installments on hold

DDI Amendments#

CodeBACS ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
3Account transferred to a new bank or building societyIncludes new bank details, to which you will need to send a new DDI.None, Process Manually
CAccount transferred to a new bank or building societyIncludes new bank details. There is no need to send a new DDI, but you should update your records.None, Process Manually
EInstruction amendedYour customer has changed the name or other details on their DDI, and you should update your records. No need to submit a new DDI.None, Process Manually
RInstruction re-instatedA cancelled DDI has been re-instated by your customer's bank.Activate DDI

ARUDD Report#

Bacs doesn’t communicate successful payments, only if a Direct Debit fails, we will receive a ARUDD report detailing the reason why the transaction failed.

Insufficient funds

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
oRefer to payerThe payer's bank wasn't in a position to pay the Direct Debit. Generally, this is due to insufficient funds. You should contact your customer and arrange to re-try taking the payment.Reverse Installment

Mandate no longer up-to-date#

These messages usually arise due to lag between submission and processing of the ADDACS reports. Many message might be duplicates of ADDACS messages. When processing these messages we should take into account that the action might no longer be necessary. If so, this should be noted on the record and made clear to the user.

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
1Instruction cancelledYou tried to collect payment against a cancelled DDI.Cancel DDI Reverse Installment
2Payer deceasedYour customer's DDI will also have been cancelled.Cancel DDI Suspend outstanding installmentsReverse installment
3Account transferredYour customer's DDI has been transferred to a new bank account, and you submitted payment to the old account.Reverse installment
5No account (OR wrong account type)The paying bank didn't recognize the account number you submitted. It's likely that no DDI is set up.Reverse installment
6No instructionYour customer doesn't have a DDI set up with you. In rare cases, this may be due to a small bank requiring additional time to set up a Direct Debit.Reverse installment
BAccount closedYour customer's DDI has been cancelled as they've closed their bank account.Cancel DDI Reverse installment

Mistakes in payment request submission (Technical Errors)#

When these codes are received please contact FinDock support at

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
8Amount not yet dueUsually caused by submission of a payment before a DDI is fully set. This may also be raised if you attempt to take a payment before the date your customer was notified of.Reverse installment
9Presentation overdueYou attempted to collect a payment more than 3 working days after the date you notified your customer of.Reverse Installment
AService user differsYour details don't match the details on the customer's DDI.Reverse Installment

Disputed transactions#

These transaction codes indicate that the payer disputed the transaction.

CodeBacs ReasonDetailsAction by FinDock
4Advance notice disputedYour customer has disputed having been notified of this Direct Debit.Reverse Installment
7Amount differsYour customer has disputed that the amount taken differs from the amount they were notified of.Reverse Installment

DDIC report#

DDIC messages will usually be resolved outside of the Direct Debit scheme.

CodeBacs ReasonActions by FinDock
1Amount and/or date of Direct Debit Differs from Advanced NoticeReverse installment
2No advance notice received by PayerReverse Installment
3DDI cancelled by paying bankReverse Installment Cancel DDI
4Payer has cancelled DDI direct with service userCancel DDI Reverse installment
5No instruction held, payer disputes having given authorityReverse Installment Cancel DDI
6Signature on DDI is fraudulent or not in accordance with account authorized signature(s)Cancel DDI Reverse Installment
7Claim raised at service users request after Direct Debit applied to payers accountInstallment should already be reversed, otherwise reverse installment
8Service user name disputed Payer does not recognize service user collecting Direct DebitReverse Installment

Input Report#

The Input Report may be used to indicate if a transaction could not be processed.

CodeBacs ReasonActions by FinDock
EUnable to process transactionInbound Report set to manual review
LUnable to process transactionInbound Report set to manual review
YDDI cancelled by paying bankReverse installment and create negative payment