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Buckaroo is a Dutch Payment Service Provider that provides processing of various payment methods. The Buckaroo for FinDock extension integrates with Buckaroo and supports a multitude of payment methods. However, not all payment methods may be available for you. Your contract with Buckaroo needs to support the payment methods you wish to activate.

Payment MethodOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Credit Cardyesnoyes
SEPA Direct Debityesyes--


  • FinDock is installed and configured.
  • A source connector is installed and configured.
  • FinDock WebHub is connected and Notification Gateway configured.

Install and activate Buckaroo payment extension#

Follow the standard procedure for installing and activating the Buckaroo payment extension.

Check and assign the required permissions for FinDock and Buckaroo features. Ensure all package-specific permission sets are correctly assigned.

Configure Buckaroo payment extension#

To configure Buckaroo for FinDock:

  1. Launch the FinDock app and click Setup. You will see a red mark on the Remote Site Settings tab indicating that the remote site settings for Buckaroo are disabled.
  2. Open the Remote Site Settings tab and, depending on your org, activate the test or production endpoint of Buckaroo:
    • Test:
    • Production:
  3. You should see a notification saying “Success: The remote site setting "Buckaroo" has been activated successfully.
  4. Go back to the Setup tab.
  5. Scroll down and click on the Buckaroo tile.
    Buckaroo tile
  6. Fill in the settings for your Buckaroo account and click Save.
    Buckaroo settings
    • Name: Enter a name for your account. If you have multiple accounts, ensure the name reflects the purpose or usage of the account.
    • Is Default: Toggle on if the account should be used as the default account for a transaction when no account is provided.
    • Endpoint: This is the Buckaroo server address for initiating transactions. There are two options:
      • Test:
      • Production:
    • Secret Key: Used to sign the Buckaroo transactions requests. You can create a Secret Key in your Buckaroo account here.
    • Log Requests: When enabled, all requests to Buckaroo are logged before being submitted. Use with care as this might be data-storage intensive.
    • Website Key: The identifier for the website in Buckaroo. This key can be found in the Buckaroo payment plaza. Click on 'My Buckaroo' in the bottom left of the screen -> websites -> {yourwebsite}. Here you can find the website key in the table in the first row. If you have multiple websites, use the filter option in the top right to switch between websites.
    • Mandate Prefix: If you use Buckaroo for direct debits, you need to enter the Mandate Prefix provided to you by Buckaroo.

If you have more than one account, see multi-merchant accounts, click Add Account and fill in the settings for your second account.

Activate payment methods#

After you have configured the Buckaroo extension, you can activate the payment methods.

To activate Buckaroo payment methods:

  1. Launch the FinDock app and click *Setup.
  2. Click the Activate/Deactivate tab.
  3. Click the Payments Method button in the ACTION column of the Buckaroo listing.
  4. Toggle on the methods you want to activate.
    Buckaroo payment methods
  5. If you have other payment extensions that use the same payment methods, check the ‘Show advanced settings’ option and use the toggle to define which method(s) should use Buckaroo as the default processor. For further information on advanced settings, see Activating payment extensions.
    Buckaroo payment methods
  6. Close the payment method dialog when you are done.

Payment API#

To test your Buckaroo configuration, you can use the following request in combination with the API.

The following message initiates a one-time iDEAL transaction with Buckaroo, passing a issuer to by-pass the Buckaroo bank selection screen.

{    "SuccessURL": "",    "FailureURL": "",    "Payer": {        "Contact": {            "SalesforceFields": {                "FirstName": "Eric",                "LastName": "Johnson",                "Email": ""            }        }    },    "OneTime": {        "Amount": "36"    },    "PaymentMethod": {        "Name": "Ideal",        "Processor": "Buckaroo",        "Parameters": {            "issuer" : "abnamro"         }    },    "Settings": {        "SourceConnector": "PaymentHub"    }}

The following message initiates a recurring SEPA Direct Debit transaction with Buckaroo, passing a holderName and IBAN parameter to set up the Mandate.

{    "SuccessURL": "",    "FailureURL": "",    "Payer": {        "Contact": {            "SalesforceFields": {                "FirstName": "Eric",                "LastName": "Johnson",                "Email": ""            }        }    },     "Recurring": {          "Amount": "25",          "Frequency": "Monthly",          "StartDate": "2020-11-01"     },    "PaymentMethod": {        "Name": "Direct Debit",        "Processor": "Buckaroo",        "Parameters" : {            "IBAN" : "NL13TEST0123456789",            "holderName" : "E. Johnson"        }    },    "Settings": {        "SourceConnector": "PaymentHub"    }}