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Configuring Giving Pages

To find out more about FinDock Giving Pages, please visit our website.


  • Giving Pages only works with the FinDock Enhanced Online Experience.
  • FinDock is installed and configured, including a configured and working connection to the FinDock WebHub.
  • A default source connector is configured.
  • The Salesforce feature Content Deliveries is enabled. Content Deliveries is required for Giving Pages to able to, for example, host images from your Salesforce environment. This feature is usually enabled by default, but if you receive an error in the Page Manager: please follow these instructions to enable it.

Before you can start to create and launch your Giving Pages, you need to:

  • Assign the β€˜Pages’ permission set to the user(s) creating and configuring pages.
  • Create your own subdomain.

Do not attempt to iframe a FinDock Giving Page. This is not supported, not a good security practice and might lead to errors on redirect to the Payment Service Provider resulting in abandoned payment journeys. No X-Frame header is added because iframing is required for the Builder preview to work.

Creating a subdomain for your pages​

FinDock needs a subdomain name to launch your pages. FinDock provides a <your-subdomain> domain for you. You can choose your own subdomain name, as long as it is unique.

Only one subdomain is allowed per org.

Creating a subdomain​

To create a subdomain:

  1. Go to the Setup tab in the FinDock app in your Salesforce org.
  2. Click the Giving Pages tile.
  3. On the Pages Manager page, click Add domain under Domains.
  4. Enter a (unique) subdomain.
  5. Press Save.

If the registration of your subdomain was successful, you should see a green status bar at the top of the browser window.

Deleting a subdomain​

You can only delete a subdomain if there are no pages for that domain. The subdomain delete option is not available until you have deleted all pages for that subdomain.

To delete a subdomain:

  1. Go to the Setup tab in the FinDock app in your Salesforce org.
  2. Click the Giving Pages tile.
  3. If there are pages, delete all pages.
  4. At the top of the tab, click the cog icon next to the domain name.
  5. Click the downward arrow to the right of your subdomain and select Delete.

Next steps​

Create your first Giving Page.