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Configuring the Payment Request Generator

The Payment Request Generator is simple to configure, but these steps are necessary to be able to use the feature at all. If you have not done so already, please read What is the Payment Request Generator? before continuing. To configure the Payment Request Generator:

  1. Configure the following in a profile permission set for users that execute reference generator runs:
    • They have Create, Read and Update access to the custom object Reference Generator Run.
    • The Reference Generator Runs tab is accessible (either Default On or Default Off).
    • They have Read and Edit access to all fields on the custom object Reference Generator Run.
  2. If you want to generate references or payment requests for a Campaign or - further personalized - for Campaign Members, you need to create custom fields for FinDock to use:
    • Output field(s) to store the generated payment reference or the payment request URL and QR.
    • Input field(s) with for instance a personalized description for the payment request.
      If specific fields are required for a certain payment request, this is mentioned in the payment extensions documentation.
  3. Place the Lightning component 'Reference Generator' on the Reference Generator Detail page. Add Lightning component 'Reference Generator' to Reference Generator Detail page.