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Configuring WebHub

FinDock requires a working connection between your Salesforce org and the FinDock WebHub to:

  • Receive notifications from Payment Service Providers (via Payment APIv2).
  • Create and launch FinDock Giving Pages.

Connecting to WebHub

The WebHub is automatically installed when FinDock Core is installed. You just need to establish a connection to take it into use.

To connect to WebHub:

  1. Go to the Setup tab in the FinDock app.
  2. Click the WebHub tile under Extensions - System.
  3. Click the Connect tab and follow the instructions to connect the WebHub.
    The user account used to connect with the WebHub needs the following permission sets:
    • PaymentHub Integration Base
    • PaymentHub Operations
  4. Click Connect with WebHub.
  5. If the user account is not yet logged in, you are prompted by Salesforce to enter the Integration User credentials.
  6. Once the account is authenticated, Salesforce asks you to grant FinDock access to your Salesforce environment. Click Allow.

If for step 5 you logged in with a different (Integration) user than you have used to access and configure FinDock, you get a Salesforce permission error when back to Salesforce. Please log out of the Integration User account and log in again with the initial (admin) user account to continue.

Notification Gateway

The Notification Gateway is automatically configured when you connect to the WebHub. FinDock generates the URLs that need to be added to your Payment Service Provider configuration. Please refer to the specific payment extension configuration articles for more information.