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Gift Aid data model

The Gift Aid package adds two objects to your Salesforce org:

New fields on Installments#

When installing FinDock for GiftAid, several fields are added to the Installment object.

Field LabelField NameData TypeDescription
Related Transactiongaid__Related_Transaction__cLookup(Installment)
GiftAid Claimedgaid__GiftAid_Claimed__cCheckbox
Gift Aid Declarationgaid__Gift_Aid_Declaration__cLookup(Gift Aid Declaration)
Exclude from GiftAidgaid__Exclude_from_GiftAid__cCheckbox
Eligible for GiftAidgaid__Eligible_for_GiftAid_formula__cFormula(Checkbox)
Contact has Active GADgaid__Contact_has_Active_GAD__cFormula(Checkbox)
Valid Gift Aid Declarationgaid__Valid_Gift_Aid_Declaration__cLookup(Gift Aid Declaration)One of the valid GADs at Installment Due Due. If there is no valid GAD for the due date, but one is in the cooling off period, that GAD will be attached. If this is not the case, the field will be empty.
Consider for Gift Aidgaid__Consider_for_Gift_Aid__cText(1) (External ID)This field is ‘Y’ if the installment should be considered for the next Gift Aid payment schedule. This field is for performance improvement and should not be used for any other purpose.
Gift Aidable Amountgaid__Gift_Aidable_Amount__cCurrency(16, 2)If this field is filled, this amount will be used for the calculation of the amount of the Gift Aid installment. Use this only when part of a donation is eligible for Gift Aid.
GA Claim Totalgaid__GA_Claim_Total__cCurrency(16, 2)
Fiscal Year Startgaid__Fiscal_Year_Start__cDate
Exclude from GiftAidgaid__Exclude_from_GiftAid__cCheckbox

Field changes on Contact#

The following new field is added to the Contact object.

Field LabelField NameData TypeDescription
Has Valid GAD Nowgaid__Has_Valid_GAD_Now__cCheckboxThis field is for marketing purposes only and is not used by FinDock logic in any way. The values can be set by running batch Apex class “ContactsUpdateHasValidNowGadJob” or can be scheduled by scheduling Apex class “ContactsUpdateHasValidNowGadSchedule”. Value of this field will be whether the contact had a valid GAD on the date that the batch mentioned above has been run last.

Due to changes in how the validity of a Gift Aid declaration is determined, the following fields are deprecated:

  • Active Gift Aid Declaration
  • Active Gift Aid Declarations

If, for example, you want to know for a marketing campaign if a contact has a valid declaration, use the ‘Has Valid GAD Now’ field.