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Gift Aid Introduction

If you are a nonprofit organization located in the UK, or in the EU and receiving donations from UK residents, you might be able to claim Gift Aid on those donations. Gift Aid is a Tax Relief Scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax paid on a donation by the donor. For more information on how Gift Aid works, and the rules and regulations governing the Gift Aid scheme, please see Charities and Tax at the HMRC website.

FinDock has a Gift Aid extension that allows you as a nonprofit to register Gift Aid declarations and claim Gift Aid on donations in your database. It integrates directly with HMRC allowing you to file Gift Aid claims without any manual hassle or limitations on the number of transactions.

Since our November '19 release, a major upgrade is available which enables customers to make use of Advanced Gift Aid. This functionality is enabled automatically for new customers (installations after November 2019). For existing customers already using our Gift Aid functionality, these upgrades need to be enabled. Pplease contact our and we’ll assist you with this transition. If FinDock for Gift Aid is installed before November '19 and Advanced Gift Aid has not been enabled, you are still able to use the standard Gift Aid solution.