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GiftAid Declaration

Api name: gaid__Gift_Aid_Declaration__c

The Gift Aid Declaration object is used to register and track Gift Aid Declarations made by your donors. All other functionality of the Gift Aid implementation for FinDock depends on a valid Gift Aid declaration.

Key Fields#

Some the key fields on the Gift Aid Declaration object:

  • Contact: This links the Gift Aid declaration to one of your donor records. This is defined as a Master-Detail relationship, meaning that a Gift Aid Declaration record cannot exist without a parent Contact.
  • Type: This picklist defines if this Gift Aid Declaration can be used for all future donations, or just for a single donation.
  • Start Date: If given, the Gift Aid Declaration can only be used to claim Gift Aid on donation made after this date. If empty, the maximum allotted timeframe will be used (start of financial year - 4).
  • Address Fields: These fields are used when submitting the claim to HMRC and should contain the home address of the donor. It is recommended to configure a workflow which keeps these fields updated based on the correct address in your Salesforce org.
  • End Date*: The date until this gift aid declaration is valid.
  • Confirmation Date*: The date on which the gift aid declaration has been confirmed to the customer. This is the start of the cooling-off period. By default the value of this field is the same as date made.
  • Close Reason*: Reason that a GAD has been closed. Picklist values need to be added by the customer. Only value “Termination of Employment” is pre-shipped.
  • Cooling Off Period End Date*: End date of the cooling-off period. Value is set by the system: Confirmation Date + GiftAid Settings.Number of days cooling-off period. This is only for GADs with acquisition method Oral.
  • In Cooling-off Period*: Formula field which is true if the GAD is in the cooling-off period (Cooling Off Period End Date >= today).
  • Valid Now*: Formula field which is true if the GAD is valid now:
    • Active and
    • Not In Cooling Off Period
    • (Start Date is null or Start Date \<= today) and
    • (End Date is null or End Date \<= today)

* Only available when Advanced Gift Aid is enabled In Advanced Gift Aid the following field will be deprecated: Type: All gift aid declaration are considered Ongoing. A single GAD can be set by setting start and end date to the same date.

Customizing the Gift Aid Declaration#

Customizing the Gift Aid Declaration object with custom fields and validation rules is supported.