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Importing and processing bank data modification files

Importing and processing bank data modification files

In certain countries banks provide information about changed bank data of your financial counterpart (ie. the debtor in case of direct debit). In order to keep your data up to date you need to process these changes in Salesforce.

FinDock facilitates this by taking the modification report file in digital format, parsing the information into Inbound Report records. These Inbound Report records are used to automatically update your data.

Supported formats

Supported format is:

  • Cuaderno72 (also known as C72 or CDB)

Uploading the file

Navigate to the Chatter group set for Payment Processing.

Click on Share an update and click on the paperclip icon in the lower left corner to attach a file to your post.

Click Upload Files, select the digital bank statement on your computer and hit Add. Please note that only one file per post is supported. uploading multiple files at once might cause unexpected behaviour!

Secondly, the filename should not contain any whitespace. If the filename contains whitespace, replace it with an underscore "_".

Finally click Share to post the file to the chatter group (Adding text to the update is allowed, but not required).

The file is now uploaded and ProcessingHub will process and parse the file.

The status of the uploaded file can be tracked by taking a look at the comments on the post, or by checking the PaymentHub File record created for this file.

Creating Inbound Report Records

When the file is uploaded the system will create inbound report records for each record in the uploaded file. In case of C72 the following fields are filled.

Inbound Report fieldMapping
Account NumberNew IBAN as reported in C72
Account Number AdditionalNew BIC as reported in C72
Mandate ReferenceMandate ID (UMR) as reported in the C72 record
RAW MessageEntire C72 03 record
Reason CodeReason code as reported in C72
Reasoncode ExplanationIf “Reason Code” = 1 “Recoding by bank” If “Reason Code” = 2 “Ordered by Debtor”
Report SubTypeMandateNewBankaccount
Report TypeMandateUpdate
StatusStatus of the Inbound Report (see below)
PaymentHubFileLink to the PaymentHub File

Inbound Report Status

  • New: Inbound report has not been processed
  • Processed: Inbound report was successfully processed
  • Manual: An issue occured needing user attention (for instance duplicate records are found); this status is also used for reports generated from PSP notifications that can be further modified through manual action, but do not require it
  • Error: A technical error occurred preventing the processing

Handling of Report SubType MandateNewBankaccount

The reported Mandate is update with the new BIC and/or IBAN. If the Account or Contact related to the Mandate does not have a Payment Profile with the new BIC and/or IBAN a new Payment Profile is created. In order to the History of the Mandate a MandateHistory record is created and the field OriginalBankAccount is filled with the previous bank account. All active future Recurring Payments and all Installments with status New or Pending Recollection are updated with new Mandate data. So any future collection will be using the update BIC and/or IBAN. All other Recurring Payments and Installments still hold the old mandate data.

SEPA Amendment Indicator in pain.008

If the Mandate History contains a value for OriginalBankAccount and has not been processed before, the next time a SEPA Direct Debit is generated the Amendment Indicator in the SEPA Direct Debit file is set to true reporting “SMNDA” in the Amendment Information Details.