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Mandate Schedule

API name: cpm__Mandate_Schedule__c

The Mandate Schedule object represents a single mandate registration run at a bank or payment service provider. Not all payment schemes or processors require mandate registration. For further information, see Introducution to mandate handling.


The fields on the Mandate Schedule are described in the following table.

Mandate Schedule NameAuto-generated name for the mandate schedule record
TargetEnter the bank or severice bureau account that will recieve the mandate registration file.
StatusNew records should start with 'Scheduled' status - see processor-specific articles for information on how to use status options.
Recurring Mandate ScheduleThis is a lookup field that is filled in if the mandate schedule record was generated through a recurring mandate schedule.
Processing DateThis determines when the submitted mandates become active. Bacs manual (FinDock as processor) imposes certain criteria for this date. For further information, please refer to our Bacs articles.
Exclude from Auto-RunIf auto-run is enabled for mandate schedules with the given payment processor and method (as indicated by the target), you can use this checkbox to exclude this paticular mandate schedule record from auto-run.

Customizing the Mandate Schedule object#

Customizing the Mandate Schedule object with custom fields and validation rules is supported. However, FinDock should at all times be able to update the status of the mandate schedule to indicate the progression of the process. Customizations that disrupt this process might cause the bulk collection run to fail.