Mandate Schedule

Api name: cpm__Mandate_Schedule__c

The Mandate Schedule object represents a single mandate registration run at a bank or payment service provider. This is not always a required functional step in the process, but some payment schemes such as Bacs do require it.

Key Fields

The key fields on the payment schedule object are:

  • Status: by default this is set to “Scheduled”, and it will continue to progress to the statuses until an end-stage is reached.
  • Target: Here you will need to select a target to generate a mandate registration file for, this will usually be your bank or service bureau. For more information, see Targets.
  • Processing Date: This determines when the submitted mandates will be active. Some processors impose certain criteria to this date, please check the specific article for your payment scheme or processor to see if any criteria apply.

Customizing the Mandate Schedule object

Customizing the mandate schedule object with custom fields and validation rules is supported, however, FinDock should at all times be able to update the status of the mandate schedule to indicate the progression of the process. Customizations that disrupt this process might cause the bulk collection run to fail.