Api name: cpm__Mandate__c

The Mandate object contains the authorization given by a donor or customer to collect funds from their account. The most common use cases for the Mandate object are the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and the BACS Direct Debit Instruction. In these cases, a correctly registered mandate allows you to perform direct debit collections on the IBAN or bank account specified in the Payment Profile. FinDock provides you with complete automated mandate management, if a certain payment method requires a mandate to be present, the mandate will be selected or created as required.

Key Fields

A few of the key fields on the mandate object are:

  • Payment Profile: the payment profile this mandate belongs to, every mandate is connected to a parent payment profile. Re-parenting of mandates is not supported and might cause issues when performing a collection run.
  • Mandate Id: this formula field always reflects the current mandate reference as it will be supplied to the payment processor.
  • Target: the target this mandate is valid for.
  • Active: whether or not this mandate can currently be used to collect money.
  • Custom Reference: Provides you with the ability to put in your own mandate id. overrides the mandate Id as generated by FinDock

Customizing the Mandate object

Since mandates are usually created automatically by the payment extensions, customizing the mandate object is usually not required and is not recommended. Custom Fields can be created, but are not supported through the Payment API, and creating required fields or validation rules causes the automatic mandate management to fail.