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API name: cpm__Mandate__c

The Mandate object is used to store and manage the authorization given by a donor or customer to collect payments from their account. The most common use cases for the Mandate object are the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and the Bacs Direct Debit Instruction. For further information about how FinDock uses mandates, see Introduction to mandate handling


Manduates are usually not created manually. Fields are filled in automatically by FinDock, by an external Payment Service Provider, or through a specific automation such as data migration.

Payment ProfileThe payment profile this mandate is linked to; every mandate must be linked to a parent payment profile.
TargetYour account at the payment processor (bank account or merchant account) that this mandate authorizes to recieve payments.
TypeType of payment authorization (one-time or recurring) the mandate represents.
Payment ProcessorThe payment processor through which the mandate was created and is maintained.
Unique Mandate IdThe mandate reference supplied to the payment processor. This field is an indexed text field automatically filled in using the Salesforce record Id and Prefix or the Custom Reference field.
ActiveCheckbox indicating if the mandate can be used. Checked = true, unchecked = false.
StatusStatus usage is processor and method dependent. Please refer to the processing-specific documentation for further information.
Date SignedDate the payer authorized the mandate.
Pre-notification DateDate the payer was notified that you have recieved an authorized mandate.
Last UsedAutomatically updated based on last payment collection made with this mandate.
End DateDate to manually end authorization of the mandate. Expiration otherwise is according to the rules of the payment method. For example, SEPA mandates automatically after 36 months of disuse.
Custom ReferenceOptional field where you can enter your own custom identifier for this mandate. If used, this value overrides the Mandate Id generated by FinDock.
PrefixCustom prefix value added to the mandate Id. This is filled in by the prefix value in the FinDock Core general settings
ReferenceFor PSPs (external processors), this is the reference value of the customer mandate at the PSP.

Customizing the Mandate object#

Since mandates are usually created automatically by the payment extensions, customizing the mandate object is usually not required and is not recommended. Custom Fields can be created, but are not supported through the Payment API, and creating required fields or validation rules causes the automatic mandate management to fail.