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Version: march-23-sandbox

(Classic) Configuring a Salesforce Site


This article describes a Salesforce site integration with the Classic Online payment Experience using the Payment API v1. Ongoing development on this version has stopped. Please use our new and improved WebHub!

For several functions in FinDock a Salesforce Site configuration is required. To configure this site correctly, execute the steps below in order.

Creating the site configuration

Log in to your Salesforce org using Administrator credentials, and navigate to Setup, enter “Site” in the quicksearch and open the Sites page.

Opening the Salesforce Setup screen

Navigate to sites using the quick search

If this is a new Salesforce Org, or you have never previously setup a site, you might be prompted to choose a subdomain for your site. For more information about subdomains, please refer to: Creating a subdomain in the Salesforce Help. Once the domain is registered, you can create a site by clicking the New button. The following screen opens:

Creating a new site configuration for the API

The Active Site Homepage is of no consequence to FinDock, but is served to people who navigate to the site url directly using a webbrowser. Make sure the Active and “Require Secure Connections (HTTPS)” checkboxes are enabled. And click Save to create your site.

Setting the permissions for your site

Open the site details by clicking on the name of the site you have just created, and then click Public Access Settings to setup the security for this site. A Salesforce Profile Details page will open.


On this page, click the "Assigned Users" button. On the next page click the Site Guest User name to open the user detail page. Scroll down to see the Permission Sets related list, Here you can assign the permission sets as required. A list of relevant permission sets is provided in the Permissions article