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Payment Methods

FinDock supports both national and international payment methods through several processors who maybe be Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and/or payment gateways. This overview explains which payment methods are available through which processors. It also gives you some further details on what is and what is not possible with FinDock in combination with these processors.

More information per method and processor can be found by clicking the names of the methods and processors here or in the left-hand menu.


FinDock uses the following definitions and classifications when it comes to payment methods:

Payment Method

Payment method is the way your payer gives money. Each method has certain capabilties and restrictions. Importantly, the method usually determines the processing fee for the transaction and the fee for the channel (online, phone, mail, etc.) used to complete the payment.

Payment Processor

Payment processors are third parties, often called Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or gateways, that process the actual payment. FinDock does not touch the payment flowing from your payer to you for any payment methods or processors. Different processors not only offer different payment methods, but also offer different pricing and services for the same payment method.

For some payment methods like SEPA Direct Debit, FinDock is a processor, but not as described above. FinDock generates and accepts the required files to collect payments through your bank. The bank handles the actual payments (money), while FinDock manages the payment transactions (data).


You need a contract with a PSP, payment gateway or bank for a given payment method before you can use it with FinDock.


Who can initiate the Payment. Some payments can only be created in FinDock by the actual payer through a hosted payment page. Others can be created in FinDock by a Salesforce user (that is not the actual payer) by entering the required data like a bank account.

One-time Payments

One-time payments are executed only once.

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments can be executed several times over a specified or un-specified period. Recurring payments require a mandate to be stored in FinDock and can be collected through a Payment Schedule.


Specific payment processors allow you to collect payments in more than one currency. Salesforce also has a setting to allow for multiple currencies to be stored in the org. However, FinDock only supports multi-currency for a subset of payment processors. More information on multi-currency support can be found in our Multi-Currency article.


Specific payment processors allow you to create more than one (bank) account. For a subset of payment processors, FinDock supports several accounts, so you can collect different payments on different accounts. More information on multi-merchant support can be found in our Multi-Merchant article.


Many payment methods allow you to refund payments. Please be advised that restrictions, especially on partial refunds, apply.

Payment Methods and Processors

FinDock supports several types of payment methods.

Direct Debit

Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
BACS Direct DebitFinDockyesyes--
BACS Direct DebitGoCardlessyesyes--
BACS Direct DebitSmartDebityesyes--
BACS Direct DebitStripeyesyes--
CH-DD Direct DebitFinDockyesyes--
LSV Direct DebitFinDockyesyes--
PostFinance CardSix Saferpayyesyes--
SEPA Direct DebitBuckarooyesyes--
SEPA Direct DebitFinDockyesyes--
SEPA Direct DebitMollieyesyes--
SEPA Direct DebitStripeyesyes--

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer payment are outgoing payments (Payables).

Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
SEPA Credit TransferFinDockyesno--


Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Credit CardAdyenyesyesyes
Credit CardAxerveyesyesno
Credit CardCheckout.comyesyesyes
Credit CardMollieyesyesyes
Credit CardRedsysyesyesyes
Credit CardSix Saferpayyesyesyes
Credit CardStripeyesyesyes
Credit CardWorldpay Corporate Gatewayyesyesyes
Credit CardBuckarooyesnoyes
Credit Cardnanyes--no

Online banking

Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
PostFinance E-financeSix Saferpayyes--yes
TWINTSix Saferpayyes--yes

Payment request

Payment Requests are payment methods that are not authorized immediately by the payer. They can be sent by mail, email, etc.

Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Bollettino PostaleFinDockyesyes--
CH-DD ESRFinDockyesyes--
LSV ESRFinDockyesyes--


Payment MethodPayment ProcessorOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Apple PayStripeyesnoyes
Google PayStripeyesnoyes

Checking available payment methods

To find out what payment methods are activated in a specific Salesforce environment, you can make a API call to the /PaymentMethod endpoint of the FinDock Payment API.