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Api name: cpm__Payment__c

The payment object mainly represents cash-flow. Every time money changes hands (collection, refund, reversal), a payment record is created to reflect this transaction. Each payment will be linked to an installment, and one installment can thus have multiple payments. Payments are created automatically by FinDock to register transactions; however, you can create payments by hand to register cash payments, or to register Journal Entries in order to correct for mistakes.

Key Fields#

Some key fields on the Payment object are:

  • Amount: the amount of the transaction/payment
  • Payment Method: this field reflects the payment method used to process the transaction
  • Collection date: the date this payment was made

Customizing the Payment object#

Customizations to the payment object should be done with care. Creating additional custom fields is supported, however, it is not recommended to make any custom field you create a required field (at field level or through validation rule). You can still require users to enter the value by making it a required field on Page-layout level. For more information, see Make a Custom Field required.


Most of the payments are created automatically by the system. Do not introduce customizations that negatively affect the payments and might not allow it to be inserted. Doing so can compromise the data integrity of FinDock.