Release schedule


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We generally follow a 4 week release cycle, and each release has four steps as follows:

  1. Release notes published 4 days before release to sandboxes.
  2. Release to sandboxes 2 weeks before release to production.
  3. Release webinar on the Thursday or Friday before release to production.
  4. Release to production.

The release cycle may vary depending on the time of year and the content of the planned release. Hotfixes may be pushed to orgs if needed between official releases.

The following tables outline the next planned release. We will update this information as we progress. At the end of this page, there is a change history so you can more easily keep track of any updates we make.

Upcoming releases

September 2020

19/8/20Release notes published
23/8/20Released to sandboxes
28/8/20Release webinar
6/9/20Released to production orgs

October 2020

23/9/20Release notes published
27/9/20Released to sandboxes
2/10/20Release webinar
11/10/20Released to production orgs

November 2020

28/10/20Release notes published
1/11/20Released to sandboxes
6/11/20Release webinar
15/11/20Released to production orgs

January 2021

16/12/20Release notes published
3/1/20Released to sandboxes
8/1/20Release webinar
17/1/20Released to production orgs

Change history

8/9/2020Release schedule published