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Using Corporate Gateway MOTO

The following procedure outlines the process for paying an opportunity or installment with Worldpay MOTO.

To pay with Worldpay MOTO:

  1. Select the opportunity or installment you want to pay.
  2. Click the copy next to the reference number and then click the link icon in the upper right to open the WorldPay Call Center.
    Worldpay MOTO open call center
  3. Log in and select your merchant code and application.
  4. In the Call Center window, past the reference you copied and fill in the description and amount details.
    Worldpay MOTO enter reference code and details
  5. Click Pay, and you are taken to the checkout page.
    Worldpay MOTO checkout page
  6. Select the card type, enter the payment details and then click Make Payment.
    Worldpay MOTO payment details
  7. You are returned to the Call Center window when the payment is successful.
    Worldpay MOTO payment successful
  8. In Salesforce, a callback message is created for this payment.
    Worldpay callback message
  9. When the message is processed, the installment is set to collected (and the opportunity to closed won). Installment collected