WorldPay MOTO

FinDock supports WorldPay MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order). Customer call center agents can use this to accept one-time credit card payments.

The solution consists of a Lightning Component that exposes the WorldPay MOTO call center solution. The component can be placed on any page related to an Installment, Opportunity or Invoice.

Please note that recurring payments cannot be processed via WorldPay MOTO. This functionality is available in Lightning Experience. The WorldPay MOTO functionality is part of the WorldPay for PaymentHub package.


  • Your WorldPay merchant account is enabled for MOTO transactions.
  • WorldPay-for-PaymentHub is installed and configured.
  • The MOTO component is placed on Lightning pages related to Installment, Opportunity or Invoice objects.

How to configure WorldPay Moto

Make WorldPay Moto available for your users on a Lightning record page:

  1. Open the Lightning record page:
    • Open a record you want the component to be placed on.
    • Click on the Gear Icon
    • Select Edit Page.
  2. Add the component with the name ‘MailAndTelephoneOrder’ to the Lightning Record page:
    • You’ll find the ‘‘MailAndTelephoneOrder’ component in the left sidebar in the section Custom – Managed.
    • Drag the AdyenMoto component to the desired place on the canvas.
  3. The component exposes multiple settings, you can use those settings to configure the component to the specific needs for this page.
    • Payment Service Provider: please select a MOTO enabled Payment Service Provider
    • Use Iframe: whether you want to use an Iframe or a button to open the callcenter
      • Iframe: opens the callcenter page in an Iframe
      • Button: shows a button that opens the callcenter page in a new browser tab
    • Frame Width: width of the callcenter Iframe
    • Frame Height: height of the callcenter Iframe
    • Display Label: display label above the component
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go back to the record and you’ll see the component added to the page layout (sometimes a page refresh is needed before the component will be shown).

When you want to use WorldPay MOTO in a test environment, you can do so by toggling on the Call center in Test Mode option under the WorldPay-for-PaymentHub extension settings.

How to use WorldPay Moto

Go to an open Installment, Opportunity or Invoice that you want to pay. First copy the reference number that is shown in the top of the component.

Based on your component settings, the WorldPay page is either shown inside an Iframe or as a button that opens a separate tab with the WorldPay call center page. On that page, you should login and select your merchant and application.

Paste the reference code and enter the other payment details, the click Pay: Worldpay MOTO enter reference code and details

The checkout page is displayed: Worldpay MOTO checkout page

Select card type, and enter payment details, click make payment: Worldpay MOTO payment details

You are returned to the call center app: Worldpay MOTO payment successful

Now WorldPay updates your Salesforce org asynchronously in the background. After the update from WorldPay is received, the installment will be put to ‘collected’ and a payment is created attached to the Installment.