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Bacs DD notifications and FinDock

This article is intended for system integrators and admins who are setting up Bacs Direct Debit workflows in Salesforce. The information here is only intended to help you find the right data points for triggering workflows.

The exact requirements for Bacs DD notifications (content, communication methods, etc.) are not covered here, but keep in mind that with FinDock, all payment data is in Salesforce, so you can leverage all Salesforce communication tools.

Bacs service users are assumed to be trained in Bacs regulations and guidelines, and further support is available through the service user’s Bacs Customer Service Group.


If you are a Bacs service bureau or facilities management provider (such as SmartDebit, GoCardless and Stripe), you need to discuss with your provider how notifications should be handled. In some cases, required notifications are handled entirely by the provider.

Required Bacs notifications

NotificationParametersRelevant FinDock Data
Sign-up confirmationWithin 3 working days if first collection is more than a month away, but can be combined with advanced notice if collection is within a monthDate Signed on Mandate
Due Date on first Installment
Advanced noticeDefault 10 working days before first collection due date (assuming regular collection interval)Due Date on first Installment
Start Date on Recurring Payment or Recurring Opportunity
Sign-up confirmation & advance noticeCan be combined if first collection is within one monthDate Signed on Mandate
Due Date on first Installment
Bacs DD GuaranteeMust be displayed as part of sign up processCustom solution or include in Giving Pages configuration
Change noticeIf the collection date is more than 3 days after the communicated due date or if the collection amount changes, the payer must be informed.Processing Date on related payment Schedule
Open Amount on Installment
NotificationParametersRelevant FinDock Data
Refund noticeIf the service user has collected more than advised to the payer, the service user should confirm in writing directly with the payer the appropriate refund arrangements.N/A
Unpaid transaction re-presentationIf after one month the transaction is not paid, the service user should contact the payer and make other arrangements for payment or give advance notice for a new due date and amount.Due Date on Installment
Open Amount on Installment