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Release schedule


Missed a release webinar or interested in a specific new feature? We've got you! All release webinars are posted to our YouTube channel.

We generally follow an 8 week release cycle with the following stages:

  1. Release notes published during the week before release to sandboxes.
  2. Release pushed to sandbox orgs.
  3. Release webinar on the Thursday or Friday following the sandbox update.
  4. Release pushed to production orgs 4 weeks after sandbox update.

The release cycle may vary depending on the time of year and the content of the planned release. Hotfixes may be pushed to orgs if needed between official releases.


Releases, hotfixes and other maintenance can be tracked through our Status page. You can subscribe to the Status page to receive notifications of Incidents and releases.

The following tables outline the next planned release. We will update this information as we progress. At the end of this page, there is a change history so you can more easily keep track of any updates we make.

Upcoming releases

July 2024

26/06/24Release notes published
30/06/24Released to sandboxes
05/07/24Release webinar
28/07/24Released to production orgs

September 2024

28/08/24Release notes published
01/09/24Released to sandboxes
06/09/24Release webinar
29/09/24Released to production orgs

November 2024

23/10/24Release notes published
27/10/24Released to sandboxes
01/11/24Release webinar
24/11/24Released to production orgs

Change history

11/06/2024Changed July '24 webinar to 5/7
27/05/2024Removed completed May '24 release
24/04/2024Changed May '24 webinar from May 10/05 to 03/05
25/03/2024Removed completed release
29/01/2024Removed completed releases
24/07/2023Removed July '23 release and added 2024 release dates
12/12/2022Changed Jan. '23 release notes date from 21.12 to 28.12
27/10/2022Changed schedule for Jan. '23 sandbox release
06/10/2022Removed Jan. thru Sept. 2022, added 2023 dates
05/11/2021Updated release stages, removed 2021 schedule, added 2022 dates
13/07/2021Added dates for September thru November 2021 releases
22/03/2020Changed April sandbox release day to 5/4 due to Easter holiday
02/03/2020Added dates for April thru July 2021 releases
22/12/2020Updated schedule with February and March 2021 release dates
14/12/2020Changed date for Jan. '21 release notes from 16/12 to 22/12
08/09/2020Release schedule published