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(Classic) for FinDock

FinDock supports as Payment Service Provider. The functionality is part of the for PaymentHub package.

Payment MethodOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Credit Cardyesyesyes


  • FinDock Core (also known by its old name, PaymentHub) is installed and configured.
  • ProcessingHub is installed and configured.
  • A source connector is installed and configured.
  • A Salesforce site is configured.

Install and activate

Follow the standard procedure to install the payment extension package.

Once installed, you can also use the standard procedure to activate the extension.

Configure FinDock#

  1. Navigate to FinDock setup by finding and opening tab Setup.
  2. Navigate to subtab Remote Site Settings. Activate Production Endpoint and/or Test Endpoint, depending on production org or sandbox.
  3. Navigate to subtab Activate/Deactivate. Activate package
  4. Now activate payment method “CreditCard” on the activated record. Optionally BanContact or iDeal payment method can be activated. Note: To start accepting Bancontact or iDeal payments, please contact your customer success manager.
  5. Navigate to the FinDock Setup home page and click on the tile. The setting screen will be displayed.
  6. Configure setting screen.
    • Public key, Secret key can be found under your Hub on under Settings > Channels. For test environment use
    • Site URL: URL of your Salesforce Site, starting with https:// and ending with /. Example:
    • isTest: Activate if you are in a test phase and don’t want to process real payments.

Configure Salesforce Site for

  1. Make sure that “Guest Access to the Support API” is checked for the site.
  2. Site Guest User should have at least the following permission sets:
    • Integration User
    • (ProcessingHub Operations if ProcessingHub is configured)


  1. Log in onto or Sign up first if needed.
  2. Under Settings > Channels scroll down to section Webhooks. Click New Webhook.
  3. As Endpoint URL use Site URL + /services/apexrest/ccph/
    • Example:
  4. Select v.2.0 API version
  5. Check the following event types:
    • Payment approved
    • Payment canceled
    • Payment capture declined
    • Payment captured
    • Payment chargeback
    • Payment declined
    • Payment expired
    • Payment pending
    • Payment refund declined
    • Payment refunded
    • Dispute Won
    • Dispute Canceled


Use a refund to return a payment to a customer. Refunds can be made from your Hub on (for test environment use The for PaymentHub package supports full refunds only. Some alternative payment methods may defer the capture of a refund several days.

Example Messages#

Single Payment (payment method Credit Card)#

    {        "SuccessURL":"",        "FailureURL":"",        "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"T",                "LastName":"Tester",                "Email":""            },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount":10        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"CreditCard",    "Processor" :""        },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }        }

Recurring Payment#

    {        "SuccessURL":"",        "FailureURL":"",        "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"T",                "LastName":"Tester",                "Email":""            },            "Account":{                "Name":"Famylje Douwstra"            },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Recurring":{            "Amount": 10.15,            "Frequency":"Monthly",            "StartDate":"2017-11-01"        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"CreditCard",            "Processor":""        },        "Payment":{            "Amount": 17.16        },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }

Single Payment (payment method Bancontact)#

    {        "SuccessURL":"",        "FailureURL":"",        "Payer":{            "Contact":{                 "FirstName":"T",                "LastName":"Tester",                "Email":""            },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount":10        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"Bancontact",            "Processor" :"",            "ParameterMap":{                "payment_country": "BE",                "billing_descriptor": "Test Demo - bancontact"             }        },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }

Single Payment (payment method iDEAL)#

    {        "SuccessURL":"",        "FailureURL":"",        "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"T",                "LastName":"Tester",                "Email":""            },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount":10        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"Ideal",            "Processor" :"",            "ParameterMap":{                "bic": "INGBNL2A"            }        },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }