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Migrating from Classic to Enhanced Online Payment Experience


The Classic Online Experience with Payment API version 1 will be decommissioned at the end of 2024. All Payment API integrations need to migrate to version 2, the Enhanced Online Experience, by January 1, 2025.

With the FinDock January 2021 release we have introduced a new online payment experience which we are calling the ‘Enhanced Online Experience.’ This new setup includes a new version of the Customer Payment API, the FinDock WebHub (running on Heroku), and our Notification Gateway (running on WebHub). These changes significantly enhance online performance, simplifies configuration of payment extensions, and enables new features like FinDock Giving Pages.

  • Classic: API v1 with Salesforce Site & Site Guest User
  • Enhanced: API v2 with WebHub and Notification Gateway
API response handling & data creation in SalesforceSynchronousAsynchronous
Notification handlingSalesforce Site with Guest userWebHub Notification Gateway
API processingIn APIIn Salesforce through Guided Matching

We are gradually moving all FinDock extensions to the Enhanced Online Experience. However, the Classic setup will remain available to existing customers.

Migrating from Classic to Enhanced

A full migration to the Enhanced Online Experience requires three steps:

  1. Connect FinDock to the WebHub, removing VisualForce page(s) and Site Guest User.
  2. Enable Enhanced configuration per PSP and target.
  3. Migrate implementations for API v1 to API v2.

Connecting WebHub

Please follow the steps in Configuring WebHub to set up the connection between Salesforce and FinDock.

Once you have successfully connected WebHub, the Salesforce site configuration can be removed if you plan to migrate completely from Classic to Enhanced. If you will continue to use API v1 for any purpose, please retain your Salesforce site configuration.

Enabling Enhanced Online Experience per PSP

Before you start, it is important to know that you have options here. Classic and Enhanced setups can work side-by-side for the same Payment Service Provider (PSP). You can also have multiple PSPs activated, each using Classic, Enhanced or both. However, whenever Enhanced is enabled, all notifications for that PSP and its target(s) will be handled by the WebHub for both API v1 and API v2 configurations.

To enable Enhanced Online Experience:

  1. Go to your PSP configuration tile in your FinDock app.
  2. Toggle on Enhanced.
  3. If you are migrating entirely to Enhanced, we recommend toggling off Classic. This breaks existing API v1 integrations until you have moved to API v2.
  4. Copy the generated Notification URL value and paste it into the corresponding setting of the Payment Service Provider setup for Webhook URLs. Please refer to the specific payment extension article for details.

All notification URLs for each PSP and target can also be found in the Notification Gateway tab under the WebHub tile.

Migrating from API v1 to API v2

If you have an integration with the FinDock Customer Payment API and wish to fully migrate to the Enhanced Online Experience, please follow the migration steps in Migrating from API v1 to API v2.

Next steps

Check the Guided Matching rules on Inbound Reports for incoming PSP notifications.