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Guided Matching managed and suggested rules

FinDock includes predefined Guided Matching rules for reconciling reports from specific payment processors. These rules are delivered automatically with the relevant packages. FinDock currently has predefined rules for:

  • Bacs Direct Debit (FinDock Bacs Manual and SmartDebit)
  • Bollettino Postale
  • Tikkie

Leveraging our knowledge of payment processors and how their payment data is structured, we create Guided Matching rules that help customers find and match payment data from processors to payment records in Salesforce. With these rules, FinDock makes it easier to implement new extensions and use Guided Matching for reconciliation. We include both managed rules, which are locked, and suggested rules, which you can modify as part of your own Guided Matching configuration.

Guide Matching rules, both managed or suggested, from FinDock are actively maintained by FinDock. Changes to these rules are included in FinDock release updates and announced in the relevant release notes.

Managed rules from FinDock are indicated by the standard Salesforce package icon in the Guided Matching setup: icon_package

Suggested rules are marked with a wrench icon, indicating they can be modified: icon_wrench


If you modify a suggested rule, the rule remains customized as you have defined it even if FinDock releases an update of that rule.

Guided Matching setup with managed rules The managed rules cannot be edited, removed or reordered. However, you can add your own rules to a Guided Matching rule set with managed rules. Any restrictions to custom rule additions are indicated in the setup interface.

To see both the conditions for and the subsequent actions of a managed rules, simply click on the rule to open the Rule Setup screen.