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Using Guided Matching

Once Guided Matching has been configured to meet your organization’s needs, using Guided Matching to complete the reconciliation process is straightforward. For information on how to configure Guided Matching, see Configuring Guided Matching. When the Transaction Set status changes to ‘Processed,’ you can start the guided review of transactions that FinDock was unable to match automatically.

To conduct a guided review of transactions:

  1. Open the Transaction Set you need to review.
  2. In the Transaction Set Progress pane to the right, click Next (or Ignore & Next) to start reviewing. Transaction Set Progress component
    • Next: open the next record which is not matched or ignored. The oldest record or the record with no Last Worked On Date is selected. Once opened, the record gets Last Worked on Date equal to now. This approach allows multiple users to review the same transaction set.
    • Next & Ignore: set the status of the current transaction to ‘Ignored’ and move to the next available record.
    • Retry Unmatched Transactions: retry the rules that are not successfully completed for all unmatched transactions in the set. (Matched and ignored transactions are skipped.)
  3. Review, retry matching rules and/or manually match the transaction to an installment.
  4. The top left pane shows the active rule or the status of the rule if all rules have been processed. You can provide manual input, after which automated processing proceeds.
    • Save & Continue: save manual input and continue automated processing.
    • Skip & Continue: skip and proceed with automated processing.
    • Retry & Continue: retry the current rule and continue automated processing. Use this option if you change data directly on the record and want to retry the entry criteria.
    • Retry All: retry all rules.
  5. Click Next Transaction to move to the next unmatched transaction. Transaction Set Guided Matching review details