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(Classic) Getting started with Adyen for PaymentHub


This article describes an integration with the v1 of the API. Ongoing development on this version has stopped. Please use our new and improved API v2!

FinDock supports Adyen as Payment Service Provider.

Payment MethodOne-timeRecurringRefunds
Credit Cardyesyesyes


  • FinDock installed and configured
  • A source connector installed and configured
  • The Adyen Integration permission set must be assigned to the site guest user
  • A Salesforce Site configured

How to install, activate and configure Adyen#

Follow the standard procedure for installing and activating the Adyen payment extension.

To configure Adyen:

  1. Navigate to the FinDock setup page by opening the App Launcher (the 3×3 grid button on the top left of the page, just below the Salesforce cloud logo), enter “FinDock” in the search box and click the FinDock CPM app and select Setup in the navigation.
  2. A red bullet is displayed near the tab Remote site settings, meaning that you have the remote site settings for Adyen. Open the tab and activate the remote site settings by toggling the button.
  3. Click the Activate/Deactivate tab and locate the Adyen extension in the list (payment extensions are listed with category “PSP”). Activate Adyen. Now a button payment methods appears to activate the payment methods. Activate the wanted payment methods.

Regionally bound payment methods can only be used when the customer has an IP address in that region (Sofort can only be used in Germany)

  1. After activating, go back to the set up screen and click on the Adyen tile. The Adyen setting screen will be displayed. Enter the url of your salesforce site and enter your Adyen data. Adyen for Findock

Now you can use our API for adyen payments and recurring credit card payments.

Single Payment#

You can use our API to create a single payment for a customer. After receiving your message, a contact and outstanding installment is created in Salesforce and the API returns a redirect url where your customer can finish his payment. When the payment is correctly finished, the installment will be set to collected and a payment is added to the installment.

iDEAL example message

    {         "SuccessURL":"",    "FailureURL":"",    "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"T",                "LastName":"Tester",                "Email":""                      },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount":21.23        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"Ideal",            "Processor":"PaymentHub-Adyen",            "ParameterMap":{                "Issuer":"ABN AMRO"            }                },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }

email: obligatory for Adyen issuer: the customer's bank

Single credit card example

    {    "SuccessURL":"success",    "FailureURL":"failure",    "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"H",                "LastName":"Holle",                "Email":""            },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":false,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount":25.18        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"CreditCard",              "Processor":"PaymentHub-Adyen",            "ParameterMap":{                "cardType":"amex"            }                },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }

New recurring credit card payments#

To create a recurring credit card payment, the customer must do a first payment to collect correct details of the credit card. This initial payment is linked to the recurring payment in Salesforce. This gives the complete overview on the recurring payment. If the payment is successful the recurring payment will be completed with a payment profile for the credit card. New donations will be collected by a payment schedule.

Example recurring credit card payment with initializing payment

    {     "SuccessURL":"",     "FailureURL":"",     "Payer":{            "Contact":{                "FirstName":"Hartje",                "LastName":"Hart",                "Email":""                },            "AccountUpdate":"Enrich",            "ContactUpdate":"Enrich",            "AllowDeduplication":true,            "PrimaryRelation":"Contact"        },        "Recurring":{            "Amount": 17.16,            "Frequency":"Monthly",            "StartDate":"2019-03-31"        },        "Payment":{            "Amount": 17.16        },        "PaymentMethod":{            "Name":"Creditcard",            "Processor":"PaymentHub-Adyen",            "ParameterMap":{                "cardType":"visa"            }             },        "SourceConnector":{            "Name":"PaymentHub"        }    }