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Release Notes - March '19

New features


Customer payment status reports.


N43 is a Spanish bank statement format.


C72 is used in Spain to inform creditors about changes in bank accounts of debtors. This information is used to update mandates.


Out-of-the-box integration with FundraisingBox. With the FundraisingBox extension, customers can automatically import donors and donations from FundraisingBox and then use standard PaymentHub functionality for collection.


Advanced Matching

With Advanced Matching customers can automatically match incoming bank statements to the correct installment, donor, campaign and even to custom objects. Advanced Matching will enable customers to significantly increase their matching percentages.

Installer & Test Tool

StepOrange is piloting a tool which simplifies the setup process and enables customers to automatically generate test data and test files. This tool will greatly simplify setup and testing.


  • Originating campaign supported in Payment API and PaymentHub UI. Applies to both NPSP & PayLink.
  • Payment API deduplication will not create a new payment profile if one already exists for the Account or Contact.
  • Reported Payment Method (as used by the source bank) stored on Transaction after bank statement processing.
  • Better support for processing opening/closing balance and opening /closing date when processing CAMT files.
  • Better handling of CAMT processing related to charges.
  • Avoid that payment schedule generation can be started multiple times.
  • XSD validation standard18 files

Manual Review Improvements

  • Ability to configure the layout of the ‘new contact’ button with a fieldset
  • Ability to configure the layout of the ‘new account’ button with a fieldset
  • Ability to specify on Transaction Set what the default values are for Payment Processor, Payment Method and Target on the transactions processed with manual review.
  • Ability to have Salesforce record ids in related lists.
  • Ability to have custom fields in the transaction panel.
  • Better handling of debit payments when creating and/or splitting payments.

Bug fixes

  • UTF-8 encoding Chatter files.
  • Smart debit issue with length of payment reference
  • Installment last reversal date in case of multiple reversals
  • ProcessingHub: Only sync back failed installments during Payment Schedule Runs
  • ProcessingHub: Don’t sync between statements if it’s an multi-statement