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Advanced Gift Aid options

Claim Gift Aid on part of an installment

There are strict rules on Gift Aid claims which limit what constitutes a “Gift Aidable” amount, as we call it in FinDock. If a donor pays a single amount that includes both a donation, and, for example, a payment for goods or services you offer, then only the donation amount is Gift Aidable.

To handle this situation, FinDock uses the Installment field Gift Aidable Amount (gaid__Gift_Aidable_Amount__c). You can add the part of the installment that is eligible for Gift Aid into this field, and FinDock automatically uses this amount instead of the full installment amount when processing Gift Aid claims.

Customize payment schedules with additional SOQL

If you want to use the additional SOQL field on a Gift Aid payment schedule, you need to prefix every Installment field in the SOQL with “INSTALLMENT.”


and INSTALLMENT.cpm__Amount__c > 100 and
INSTALLMENT.cpm__Payment_Method__c = ‘PayPal’

The reason for this is that the additions need to be applied to two queries:

  • The query that queries non-GiftAid installments for which a Gift Aid installment may need to be created. In this query, the Additional SOQL will be added with “INSTALLMENT.” Replaced with an empty string.
  • The query that queries Gift Aid installments to attach to the Gift Aid payment schedule. In this query, the Additional SOQL will be added with “INSTALLMENT.” replaced with gaid__Related_Transaction__r.

Global Apex class

This GiftAid global APEX class can be used to build custom Gift Aid logic for handling Gift Aid declarations. The class supports three operations:

  • CLOSE ALL - Close all declarations by setting a specific end date
  • CREATE - Create new Gift Aid declarations (bulk action)
  • IS IT VALID - Check for valid Gift a declarations on a specific date

Note that the first two operations listed above are the same as what you can do through the Payment API or Gift Aid Declaration component. The last operation, checking for valid declarations, is only available as an APEX operation. It can be used, for example, in marketing. Sometimes charities want to get a report of all contacts without a valid declaration on a certain date so they can arrange events or actions to get those missing declarations and claim more Gift Aid.

Gift Aid Apex classes