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Gift Aid data model

The Gift Aid package adds two objects to your Salesforce org:

  • Gift Aid Declaration
  • Gift Aid Distribution Scenario

The distribution relationships are only to Account and Contact, whereas the declaration has relationships as illustrated below.

Gift Aid Declaration
Gift Aid Declaration
InstallmentRecordType: ReceivableInstallmentRecordType: GiftAid

New fields for Installment and Contact objects

In addition to the declaration and distribution objections, the following fields are added to the Installment object.

Field LabelField NameData TypeDescriptionUsed on Record Type
Related Transactiongaid__Related_Transaction__cLookup (Installment)This is the receivable installment that is the basis of the Gift Aid installment.Gift Aid
Gift Aid Claimedgaid__GiftAid_Claimed__cCheckboxIndicates if Gift Aid has been claimed for this installment.Receivable
Gift Aid Declarationgaid__Gift_Aid_Declaration__cLookup (Gift Aid Declaration)When a new Gift Aid installment is created as part of the payment, this field contains a link to the Gift Aid declaration which at the time of generation was proof that this installment was eligible.Gift Aid
Exclude from Gift Aidgaid__Exclude_from_GiftAid__cCheckboxIf true (checked), this receivable installment is not considered for Gift Aid.Receivable
Eligible for Gift Aidgaid__Eligible_for_GiftAid_formula__cFormula (Checkbox)According to a specific formula, FinDock determines if this receivable installment is eligible for Gift Aid. If the installment is eligible, the checkbox is marked (true).Receivable
Contact has Active GADgaid__Contact_has_Active_GAD__cDeprecated.
Valid Gift Aid Declarationgaid__Valid_Gift_Aid_Declaration__cLookup (Gift Aid Declaration)The valid declaration at the receivable installment due date. If there is no currently valid declaration, but there is one in a cooling off period, that is selected. Otherwise, the field is empty.Receivable
Consider for Gift Aidgaid__Consider_for_Gift_Aid__cText(1) (External ID)This field is for internal performance optimization only.Receivable
Gift Aidable Amountgaid__Gift_Aidable_Amount__cCurrency (16, 2)If only part of a donation is eligible for Gift Aid, enter the eligible amount in this field on the receivable installment.Receivable
GA Claim Totalgaid__GA_Claim_Total__cCurrency (16, 2)This field is calculated by FinDock. It shows the amount of the receivable installment (original donation) or the amount of the Gift Aidable field if that is used. In Gift Aid Distribution scenarios, the selected amount is multiplied by the distribution percentage.Gift Aid

The Contact object gets one new field.

Field LabelField NameData TypeDescription
Has Valid GAD Nowgaid__Has_Valid_GAD_Now__cCheckboxThis field is for marketing purposes only. The values can be set by running the batch Apex class ContactsUpdateHasValidNowGadJob or scheduling Apex class ContactsUpdateHasValidNowGadSchedule. The checkbox is marked if the contact had a valid declaration on the date when the Apex class was run.

Gift Aid Declaration object

API name: gaid__Gift_Aid_Declaration__c

The Gift Aid Declaration object is used to register and track Gift Aid declarations made by your donors. All other functionality of the Gift Aid implementation for FinDock depends on the details in the Gift Aid declaration record.

Gift Aid Declaration fields

Close ReasonReason for closing the declaration. Only the value “Termination of Employment” is pre-shipped. Other values can be added through customization according to your own charity’s needs.
Reason for DeactivationOptional free text field for a more detailed explanation for closing the declaration. This field can be used as input, for example, for later follow up as part of an internal donor management review process.
ActiveWhen checked, the declaration can be used to claim Gift Aid. This checkbox typically does not need to be changed manually. It is primarily for process and workflow actions.
Start DateThis field can be left empty to have the maximum allowed validity period (current fiscal year minus four years), or you can set a start date that limits validity of this declaration for past donations, making them ineligible for Gift Aid.
End DateDate when the declaration ceases to be valid. This field can be left empty if no end date is specified by the donor.
Date MadeDate the declaration was made by the donor (or when you received it).
Confirmation DateThe date on which the Gift Aid declaration has been confirmed to the customer. This is the start of the cooling-off period for oral declarations. By default the value of this field is set to Date Made when you save the declaration.
ContactDonor who has made the Gift Aid declaration. This is prefilled using the contact where you are creating the new declaration.
Custom First NameIf a different name should be used than the name on the contact, you can enter it here. This overrides the contact name and remains as such (i.e. no further sync between contact and declaration names).
Custom Last NameHandled the same as Custom First Name. See above.
Postal codeEnter the postal code for UK residents, for non UK Residents, enter "X". NOTE: This field must be manually filled in or handled through custom business logic. Because the contact address can be stored in different ways in Salesforce, FinDock cannot automatically determine the correct address value.
House Name or NumberEnter the house or building number or name for UK residents, for non-UK residents, enter the Street, Number and City. NOTE: This field must be manually filled in or handled through custom business logic. Because the contact address can be stored in different ways in Salesforce, FinDock cannot automatically determine the correct address value.
OverseasIf the address is a non-UK address, this checkbox must be marked. This parameter is required by HMRC.
Acquisition MethodDefine here how the declaration was received by your organization. The options are Written (paper), Oral or Digital. NOTE: There is no difference between Written and Digital acquisition for HMRC. We recommend using one or the other for non-oral declarations unless you have specific requirements for tracking the paper vs. digital acquisition.
Cooling Off Period End DateIf the acquisition method is oral, this field indicates when the mandatory cooling off period ends. The date is automatically calculated based on the “Number of days cooling-off period” setting of the Gift Aid extension (under FinDock Setup) when you save the declaration. You can modify it later if needed.
Valid NowFormula field that calculates of the declaration is valid today.
In Cooling Off PeriodFormula field that indicates if the declaration is cooling off today.

Gift Aid Distribution object

The Gift Aid Distribution Scenario is used to distribute Gift Aid claims on donations from partners to the individual contacts.

Gift Aid Distribution fields

AccountThe organization (partnership) the distribution scenario applies to in a master-detail relationship.
Select InstallmentSelect an instalment from the picklist for distribution.
Total AmountTotal amount of the selected installment
PartnerThe individual contact from the Account that can represent the Gift Aid claim. The contact record must have an active Gift Aid declaration.
PercentageThe percentage of the donation to be allocated to the given contact for Gift Aid.
AmountThe calculated amount that is used for claiming Gift Aid through the given contact.