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Version: may-24-production

Manual dependency setup for Deploy Config


The following procedure may be needed only if you have used mandate schedules or recurring mandate schedules prior to January 2023.

With the January 2023 release, FinDock introduced a new dependency between Target and Payment Process to be able to expand support for direct debit processors. This change introduced a dependent picklist on the Mandate Schedule and Recurring Mandate Schedule object.

For most installations, FinDock can automatically create and update this dependent picklist as part of the Deploy Config process. However, if you have used (recurring) mandate schedules before January 2023, you may run into the following Deploy Config error.

First error: Cannot modify managed object: entity=CustomFieldDefinition, component=[identifier], field=PicklistControllerEnumOrId, state=installed.

Configuration changes up to the point of failure are completed successfully. However, before you can restart the deployment, you need to manually create the missing relationships. Once created, FinDock manages the dependencies automatically.

To create dependent picklists for mandate schedules:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup, open the Object Manager, and select the Mandate Schedule object (cpm__Mandate_Schedule__c).
  2. Add a new field dependency with Payment Processor (cpm__Payment_Processor__c) as the controlling field and Target (cpm__Target__C) as the dependent field. For detailed instructions, see Defining field dependencies.
  3. Add the same field dependency to the Recurring Mandate Schedule object (cpm__Recurring_Mandate_Schedule__c).
  4. Go back to the FinDock tab and click the restart link in the Deploy Config error message.