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Version: march-24-production

Salesforce NPSP - Enhanced Recurring Donation

On April 29th 2020, Salesforce introduced a new feature to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: Enhanced Recurring Donation.

This feature is optional and requires additional setup and a data migration. The setup and migration include breaking changes to the data model and business logic with regards to Recurring Donations.

With the September 2020 release, FinDock provides full support for Enhanced Recurring Donations.


Please carefully consider the Next Donation Date Match Range setting with using Enhanced Recurring Donations. If, for example, you use the default 3 days and your calendar year includes 4 bank holiday days in a row for a given month, you can get a late payment collection and an auto-created duplicate opportunity for that month. Yearly recurring donations typically also need a wider match range than 3 days.