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Version: may-24-production

Why does Deploy Config sometimes fail?

You may occassionally run into an “admin operation already in progress” error due to a known Salesforce issue which we are monitoring. The error is temporary and restarting deployment usually clears the problem. You may need to restart more than once.

A possible workaround to restarting deployment is to close the browser tab/window where FinDock Setup is open after clicking Deploy Config. This can help avoid the error, but may not always work.

Orgs that have a larger number of record types for a particular object, like Opportunity, may not be able to run Deploy Config because the number of record types leads to timeout issues. The error messages we have seen are:

  • Exceeded maximum time allotted for callout
  • Too many callouts

Having so many record types is rare, though, and we have only seen the errors if there are 20 or more record types for an object. If your org has this many record types, we recommend removing unused record types.

If removing record types is not an option, you need to manually add the new values to the picklists that FinDock would otherwise do through Deploy Config. Should you need help rolling out the picklists manually, please contact FinDock Support.