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FinDock for Norway

FinDock for Norway is part of the Nordic Payments payment extension package. The native payment processing options include payment methods such as AvtaleGiro and Giro KID.

Install FinDock for Norway

Follow the standard procedure for installing and activating the Nordic Payments payment extension. Activate payment methods as needed.

Check and assign the required permissions for FinDock features and the Nordic Payments package.

Configure FinDock for Norway

The general settings of FinDock for Norway define the customer identifier, called the KID (kundeidentifikasjon), format FinDock uses for payments in Norway, such as AvtaleGiro direct debit payments. The format needs to match the specific KID requirements of your Norwegian bank.

To configure the KID format:

  1. Go to FinDock for Norway extension settings.
    AvtaleGiro KID settings
  2. For Full length KID, enter the total length. This must be 3-25 characters long.
  3. Customer number length: set your required length
  4. Payment type enabled: can be enabled or disabled
  5. Payment Type length: if enabled, choose the number of digits that FinDock should use to generate payment type.
  6. Check digit format: select modulo 10 or 11
  7. Save your settings when done.

Create FinDock for Norway targets

Create targets as needed for payments to Norwegian bank accounts. The target configuration depends on the specific payment method. Please refer to the payment method setup article, such as AvtalgeGiro direct debit, for details.