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Version: may-24-production

Mandate Schedule

API name



The Mandate Schedule object represents a single mandate registration run at a bank or payment service provider. Not all payment schemes or processors require mandate registration. For further information, see Introduction to mandate handling.


The fields on the Mandate Schedule are described in the following table.

Mandate Schedule NameAutoNumberAuto-generated number for the mandate schedule record
TargetPicklistThe bank or service bureau account that receives the mandate registration file
StatusPicklistNew records start with Scheduled status, while ensuing status values depend on the payment method
Recurring Mandate ScheduleLookupIf the mandate schedule was generated through a recurring mandate schedule, this field indicates the parent recurring schedule
Processing DateDateDate when the submitted mandates should be processed by the Bacs network
Exclude from Auto-RunCheckboxIf enabled (checked), the mandate schedule is excluded from auto-run for the given payment processor and method