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Version: march-24-production


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The FinDock Payment object represents cash-flow. Every time money changes hands (collection, payout, refund, reversal), a payment record is created to reflect the transaction.

Each payment record linked to an installment, and one installment can thus have multiple payments. Payments are created automatically by FinDock to register transactions; however, you can create payments manually to, for instance, register cash payments or correct mistakes.


The FinDock Payment object is a custom object that os independent from the Salesforce Payment standard object and the NPSP Payment custom object (npe01__OppPayment__c).


The following table outlines key fields for this object. For complete details, please use the Salesforce Object Manager.

AmountCurrency(16, 2)Amount of the payment
Collection DateDateDate the payment was made
InstallmentLookupThe installment the payment is related to.
Payment MethodPicklistPayment method used for the payment; can be different from the related installment
Payment ProcessorPicklistThe processor through which the payment was made