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Payment Schedule

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The Payment Schedule object represents a single bulk payment collection run for a specific source, payment processor and payment method. Payment schedules define the scope of each bulk payment run and selects or generates the installments accordingly.


The fields on the payment schedule object are dynamic. Only the fields relevant for the selected payment processor and method are displayed.

Additional SOQLCustom SOQL to limit the installments generated and/or included. Use with caution and test carefully. The query added here must start with AND.All
Collection DateDate when the payments should be collected by the bank.Direct debit method with FinDock as processor (e.g. PaymentHub-SEPA)
Exclude from Auto RunIf you don't want this schedule to be run automatically as part of Auto Run, select this optionAll
Finished StatusThis field is for using the payment schedule to create references for payment slips. The Finished Status indicates in your org that the generated installments are ready for collection using your payment slip process.Acceptgiro, Bolletino Postale, ESR
Last Reason StatusOptional additional information added in Last Status Reason field if the payment schedule fails.All
Payment MethodDefines which payment method the instlalments need to have to be included in the collection.All
Payment ProcessorDefines for which processor the installments are collected.All
Processing DateTarget processing date according to Bacs processing calendar.Bacs DD with FinDock as processor (PaymentHub-BACS)
Run dateThe date the Apex schedule picks up the payment schedule and starts the bulk payment collection run.All
Selection dateThis date determines which installments are included in the collection. Each installment has to have a due date on or before this date to be included.All
SourceTells FinDock where to look for (and generate) installments. Payments are collected only for this source.All
StatusBy default this is set to 'Scheduled.' This field should be left as-is unless you have a specific reason to use a different status.All
TargetSome processors require a target (bank or merchant account) to correctly handle the payment intent.Only for multi-merchant processors
Total Number of InstallmentsNumber of Installment records attached to the scheduleAll
Total Value of InstallmentsSum of the amounts from the attached installmentsAll