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Version: march-24-production


The following describes how FinDock works with permission sets prior to the September '23 release. These are our "classic" permission sets.

Please note FinDock classic permission sets are only available if the respective package has been installed.


FinDock classic permission sets can be added to Permission Set Groups on their own and with custom sets assigned to the same group(s).

Permission SetDescriptionUser(s)Package
Adyen IntegrationIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationAdyen
Axerve Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationAxerve
BACS FLSPermissions for Bacs processes and Payment API integrationAdministrator, Operations, IntegrationBacs
Buckaroo Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationBuckaroo All FLSPermissions for featuresAdministrator, Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP
FinDock Additional SetupDeployed by Installer; access to tabs Installments and Inbound Reports (see below)Administrator, OperationsCore
FinDock Core Giving PagesPermissions for Pages Manager and Builder used to create Giving Pages. This set is also for the optional paid feature FinDock PayLinks.Administrator, OperationsCore
FinDock Experience CloudFor Experience Cloud public pages (API v2 only)Guest UserCore
FinDock Site Guest UserSite Guest User (API v1 only)Site Guest UserCore
GiftAid FLSPermissions for Gift Aid featuresIntegration, OperationsGift Aid
GoCardlessIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationGoCardless
Mollie Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationMollie
Nordic Payments All FLSPermissions for AvtaleGiro, etc.Administrator, IntegrationNordic Payments
NPSP4PaymentHub All FLSPermissions for FinDock for NPSP featuresAdministrator, OperationsNPSP
PaymentHub ALL FLSAdmin user for full access to all FinDock objectsAdministratorCore
PaymentHub Integration BaseIntegration for ProcessingHub connectionIntegrationCore
PaymentHub OperationsGeneral FinDock permissionsOperationsProcessingHub
PayPal FLSIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationPayPal
ProcessingHub OperationsIntegration for ProcessingHub connection and permissions for ProcessingHub ManagerIntegration, OperationsProcessingHub
SEPA OperationsPermissions for SEPA, SEDA and Swiss (CH-DD, LSV+) processes and Payment API integrationOperations, IntegrationSEPA
Six Saferpay Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationSIX Saferpay
Stripe ALL FLSPermissions for Stripe featuresAdministrator, OperationsStripe
Stripe Integration UserIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationStripe
Tikkie IntegrationIntegration for Payment API and PSP notificationsIntegrationTikkie
Vipps All FLSPermission for Vipps features, Payment API and PSP notificationsAdmin, IntegrationVipps
Worldpay Integration UserIntegration for Payment API, ProcessingHub and PSP notificationsIntegrationWorldpay