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Recurring Payment

API name



The Recurring Payment object is only used if FinDock is the source for paymnent data (as opposed to e.g. NPSP). The Recurring Payment object allows you to define a certain amount receivable to be collected on a regular basis over a given time period.

When performing a bulk collection run, the payment schedule generates a new installment for every recurring payment that has a next collection date earlier or equal to the selection date specified on the payment schedule. For more information, see Introduction to payment schedules.


The following table outlines key fields for this object. For complete details, please use the Salesforce Object Manager.

# of collected installmentsNumber(18, 0)Counter of related installments with status Collected; updated via Apex job
AmountCurrency(16, 2)The amount for each installment
FrequencyPicklistHow often the amount is to be paid
Payment MethodPicklistThe default payment method for the installment
Payment ProcessorPicklistThe payment processor through which the installment should be processed
Last Collection DateDateDate of most recently collected installment
Next Collection DateDateDetermine if a new installment should be created buy a given payment schedule, based on frequency and Last Collection Date
Payment ProfileLookupIf the payment method requires additional (e.g. credit card token), this comes from the related payment profile