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Version: may-24-production

Transaction Set, Transaction, Transaction Sub Element

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The Transaction Set object represents an incoming bank file that has multiple statements or entries. The Transaction object represents an individual statement or entry from the imported file. Transaction sets and transactions have a Master-Detail relationship A Transaction record is linked to to the Transaction Set record that groups all the Transaction records generated from the given file import.

Transactions in FinDock can be either automatically matched, manually matched or ignored. For more information on the matching of transactions and creating payments from them, see Processing bank statements.

The Transaction Sub Elements Object is only used for bank statements that contain sub-entries for a specific transaction entry. Transaction Sub Element records may be generated from camt.053 files, for example.


Fields on Transaction set are primarily summary information about the uploaded file, such as counters (e.g. number of related Transactions records that are matched), balance and general information, like batch number.

The fields on Transaction Sub Element are quite limited as the record only capture information from details of a specific sub-entry. This includes the sub-element name, amount and whether the transaction entry is a credit or debit.

The greatest amount of information is stored on Transaction records. Most fields have transparent relations to the uploaded reconciliation file. The table below highlights some of the fields that may be less obvious.

Actual AmountFormula (Currency)Positive (credit) or negative (debit) amount for the entry
AmountCurrency(16, 2)Currency amount as reported on the entry
DateDate/TimeThe date when the bank booked the transaction entry on their customer's account
End To End IDText(255)(SEPA only) A Id provided by the initiating party for the given entry to identify the transaction throughout the process
Payment ReferenceText(255)Payment reference as reported on the individual entry
Remittance InformationText(255)Remittance information that may be truncated to fit the field
Remittance Information LongLong Text Area(131072)Full details from the statement remittance entries
Reported Payment MethodText(255)Payment method used for the transaction
Reported Payment Method CodeText(255)Code used by the given bank to indicate the specific payment method
Use Open AmountCheckboxIndicates if an overpaid amount should be applied to further installments as part of Guided Matching
Value DateDate/TimeThe date when the transaction occurred