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Api name: cpm__Message__c

The message object is used to add actions to a queue for asynchronous processing. Messages in the queue are picked up by their respective inbound or outbound queue handlers. The queue handler will then call the handler class and pass the message record along for processing.

Key Fields#

The key fields on the message object are:

  • Handler: Apex Class implementing the IQueableMessage interface. This class will be picked up by the Core Queue Process and is responsible for whatever needs to be executed
  • Status: default status is Scheduled. Core process will update accordingly
  • Payload: you can add an additional Payload during the creation of Messages. Because the execution of the Messages is asynchronous, the payload will give you an option to add additional parameters during creation which can be used in the handler during execution.
  • Type: indicates if this is an “Inbound” or “Outbound” message.

Customizations on the Message object#

Customizations of any kind on the message object are not supported. However, the message queue service is exposed to developers.