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Does FinDock work with Person Accounts?

Yes, FinDock supports Person Accounts, a type of Account defined by Record Type.

Some industry solutions, such as Fundraising require the org to have Person Accounts enabled. The feature is otherwise optional. For more information, see the Salesforce guide Setting Up Person Accounts

Although Person Account is treated as its own object for record types and layouts, Person Account records in practice use fields from Account and Contact objects.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Person Accounts with FinDock.

Payment API

Record types play an essential role in orgs with Person Accounts enabled. There is a default record type for Person Account, but you can create more.

To ensure Payment API calls create the right data, you should always explicitly declare the record type in the API message using the RecordTypeName parameter.

For further details, please refer to the sections "Accounts, Contacts, Person Accounts" and "Salesforce Fields" in the API reference guide.

Giving Pages

When using Giving Pages with Person Accounts, you need to include a RecordType Id from the Person Account object as an additional Payment Form field and make sure other additional fields are mapped to Account, not Contact.

Guided Matching

Explicitly set the RecordType Id if you create an Account record in a Guided Matching rule.

Please also keep in mind deduplication and the specifics around Person Accounts.

Gift Aid

While the Gift Aid data model remains the same when Person Accounts is enabled, the Gift Aid Declaration component should only be added to record layouts for Person Account. Using the component on Contact layouts is not supported once Person Accounts is enabled.