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Configuring Swish for FinDock


Swish for FinDock is in pilot. If you would like to participate in the pilot, please contact FinDock Support.

Swish mobile payments are popular throughout Sweden. FinDock integrates with the Swish service to initiate and collect payments in Swedish Krona.

Payment MethodOne-timeRecurringRefunds


  • FinDock installed and configured
  • Successful WebHub connection
  • A Swish merchant account
  • FinDock declared a technical partner at your Swedish bank

Install and activate Swish extension

Follow the standard procedure for installing and activating the Swish for FinDock payment extension. Activate the payment method Swish.

Check and assign the permissions as needed.

Configure the Swish extension

To configure Swish for FinDock:

  1. Launch the FinDock app and go to the Setup tab.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Swish payments extension tile.
  3. For the merchant account you want to integrate, add the following details:
    • Name: Enter a name for your Swish target (merchant account)
    • Payee Number: Enter your Swish alias (123 XXX YYYY)
    • IsDefault: Enable on the account you want to use when no account is specified with a payment initiation
    • IsTest: Enable if you are setting up a test environment
  4. Click Save.
  5. If you are integrating multiple accounts, click Add Account and repeat the steps above for each account.

Reconciling Swish payments

FinDock automatically reconciles one-time Swish payments through API callouts to Swish following the standard online reconciliation process.

For other Swish transactions, such as refunds or payments made directly to your Swish number, you can include these in your Salesforce payment data through file-based reconciliation.

FinDock currently handles Swish transactions reported via Nordea Total IN PlusGirot files. If you use a different bank for Swish, please contact FinDock Support so we can investigate the bank's file type.

Swish data mapping

The table below summarizes the payment data FinDock captures to manage Swish transactions.

Swish dataObjectFieldValue
N/APayment ProfileRecord TypeWallet
N/APayment ProfileWallet TypeSwish
Payer AliasPayment ProfileWallet IdE.g. 1231111111

Testing with the Payment API

You can use the following example messages to test if the Vipps configuration is working as expected.

"SuccessURL": "",
"FailureURL": "",
"Payer": {
"Contact": {
"SalesforceFields": {
"FirstName": "Eric",
"LastName": "Johnson",
"Email": ""
"OneTime": {
"Amount": "36"
"PaymentMethod": {
"Name": "Swish",
"Processor": "FinDock-Swish"